“Into Gold” exhibition opening reception on Friday, September 7, from 5-8 pm

I have my first solo gallery art exhibition coming up, and would love to see you there if you can make it!

Here’s the official Facebook event page for my upcoming art show:  “Into Gold” invitation.  I’m including the opening details below, in case you can’t view the page.



3271 Roger Pl, St Louis, MO 63116-3838

Opening reception on Friday, September 7, from 5-8 pm

(More gallery details at the bottom of the page).

“History, folk tales, fairy tales, and mythology are the core inspirations for ‘Into Gold,’ an exhibition of mixed media encaustic work by artist Elizabeth M. Willey. She layers complex patterns with iconic images from folk and fairy tales, blending familiar and obscure narratives into one-of-a-kind art pieces. The results are deliciously magical interpretations of favorite stories and curious imagery of stories unknown.”Please join us to view these works and celebrate with the artist on Friday, September 7, 5pm-8pm. The work will remain on view through October 27 and conclude with an artist talk and closing reception that day 1pm-4pm.”

Below is an image of one of the artworks included in the show:

Elizabeth M. Willey – “Idun’s Apple”, Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel, 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches

Elizabeth M. Willey - Idun's Apple, Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel, 8 x 8 x 1.5 in, 2015

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Located at 3271 Roger Pl, Saint Louis, MO 63116-3838

Gallery Hours by Appointment.  After opening night, please use the CONTACT link here to make an appointment or call 314-626-3199.

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Spring 2018 Evening Portrait Drawing class at the St. Louis Artists’s Guild

It was my distinct pleasure to teach a new class this past February and March 2018 at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Evening Portrait Drawing.

Beginning with learning the generalized proportions of the human head, we then moved on to observing and depicting the various planes and angles of the face, and how each surface reflects light differently.  We discussed the concepts of chiaroscuro and tenebrism, the differences between core and cast shadow, and how to effectively use simultaneous contrast to add drama and make the drawing pop.  The students experienced various methods of drawing – building the drawing up from the base tone of the newsprint, toning the paper with charcoal and employing subtractive erasing marks to define highlights and planes within the drawing, and beginning with brown kraft (butcher) paper as the drawing surface.  When working with kraft paper, students experienced how a warm-hued surface changes the level of tone applied and the media and mark-making choices, such as when an artist might use white or black conté, compressed charcoal, or vine charcoal, and how that differs from toning the paper with charcoal directly.

We also explored several types of lighting composition – high key, middle key, low key, and full key chiaroscuro – and discussed how an artist can use light as an additional tool for conveying atmosphere and meaning within a drawing.  I was very pleased with their progress from the beginning to the end of the eight week session, and really enjoyed seeing everyone’s individual drawing techniques and mark-making develop with each new exercise.

Below are images of student drawings which we did at the beginning of the first class, before instruction began.


At the beginning of class, I’m always running around too much to remember to photograph, but here are some photos from the last three classes of the session:


Additionally, my class and I were invited to display our drawings in the entrance hallway gallery during the Clearly Human III exhibition, which ran from April 13 to May 26, 2018.  I’m very proud of my students and all their hard work!


Display Clearly Human III at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, SP18 Portrait Drawing class exercises; 2 drawings on the left by Lloyd Jones; drawing on the right by Carol Fichtelman

Display at Clearly Human  III, St. Louis Artists' Guild - SP18 Final Chiaroscuro Drawing Demo by Elizabeth M. Willey and Low Key Class Exercise by Peter Pagano

Display at Clearly Human III, St. Louis Artists’ Guild – SP18 Final Chiaroscuro Drawing Demo by Elizabeth M. Willey and Low Key Class Exercise by Peter Pagano