Also – works in the studio – complete or nearly so

This past Sunday, I took some time out from my anatomy studies to move forward on some encaustic pieces that have been hanging around.

These first 2 are 99.9% done, but just need to be fused.

8×8 inches


6×6 inches


This is maybe halfway done:
8×8 inches


And this is still only about 1/3 of the way done, just after the web has been gently fused in a bit:
8×8 inches


Developing muscles

Began working on the torso muscles tonight after work. Those weren’t too bad, but the upper arm is tricky from the armpit up because of the angle and twist of the way it is raised. Feel like I’m at a stopping point tonight (also my back is killing me), so I’ll get here bright & early Saturday morning with fresh eyes & body and keep on chugging along.