Verdaccio underpainting


We’re going to be learning how to paint with egg tempera over the next couple of weeks, so I thought I’d do a “verdaccio” (greenish black or greenish grey) underpainting to get a solid start on the composition. This image is from a detail of one of Andrew Wyeth’s famous Helga paintings, the original of which was also egg tempera and dry brush. I did a basic line tracing of the strongest areas of the composition last class, and worked on this verdaccio for about two hours tonight. This is watercolor on gessoed board, so I’ll likely need to seal it with egg first before doing the next color layer, but we’ll see what the professor recommends.


This color detail is the photo of the original painting that I’m working from. I need to look up the title of the painting & will post an image of Wyeth’s full piece as well.

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